Plan your visit

What you can see, when and for how much

Visitor Services

  • Souvenirs and gifts can be purchased directly at the monastery ticket office. 
  • The commemorative stamp of the monastery is available at the monastery ticket office.
  • Refreshments or coffee and selected lemonades can be purchased at the Keramika Plasy shop on the ground floor of the convent building (the place where the Cistercian Monastery tour ends).
  • The large monastery courtyard and selected parts of the monastery grounds can be walked and viewed for free.
  • Cultural events taking place in the monastery can be found at this link.
  • It is possible to rent a foreign language text in English, German or Russian for the tour of the main tour.
  • If you wish to purchase other souvenirs or buy trinkets that will beautify your home, visit the shop in the corner of the convent, Keramika Plasy.
  • For more information about current events at the monastery, please visit our Facebook page.


Free parking is right in front of the ticket office of the Plasy Monastery Administration. The parking lot is not asphalted, but it is still suitable for both cars and buses. Use the parking lot also for weddings - the capacity is sufficient.

In the direction from Plzeň: at the roundabout take the third exit towards Most and after the bridge over the Střela river take the first left turn (click on the arrow on the right for a map).

In the direction from Most: take the main road I/27 past the granary building (with the tower) and the convent and just before the bridge over the river Střela turn right (click on the right arrow for the map).


The main tour route of the Cistercian Monastery is partly wheelchair accessible - the church building is wheelchair accessible, and then you have to climb about 30 low stairs to the floor of the convent building, where the tour is about an hour long on flat ground (sandstone tiles, wide double doors, low thresholds and only minimally). At the end, the stairs to the ground floor have to be negotiated again. Be sure to contact us before visiting!


We like live animals in the monastery, but they cannot come indoors - even in portable bags. Nevertheless, the huge grounds of the monastery are freely accessible for them (on a leash). If you decide to leave your pet in the car, make sure you stand in the shade and the animal has ventilation.


Do not take your bike on the tour, leave it in the parking lot in front of the ticket office or by the tree in front of the building. Also, think about whether you are endangering other visitors by riding on the paths in the area.

Child facilities

We have tours of varying lengths - consider the abilities and current mood of your youngest children in advance so you don't spoil the tour for yourself or other visitors. During the Cistercian Monastery tour, children can keep themselves partially entertained by looking for the cuddly snakes hidden along the route.


The nearest restaurants are about 50m from the ticket office (Knížecí pivovar or Rudolf II.). If you need lighter refreshments and a sandpit for children, there is such a facility just behind the monastery wall (U Suku). Walking past the park and the Střela river to the Prelátka fountain, you will find other refreshment options (Pizzeria Na Barrandově, pub on the playground, ...). Click on the arrow on the right for a map.

Right in the convent at the gift shop (at the end of the tour route, but normally accessible from the outside) you can buy coffee to go at the gift shop; the grocery store is located just past the roundabout.

For all restaurants, please check the opening hours on their websites.