Plasy Cistercian Monastery - Restoration of the Abbot’s Residence


Plasy Cistercian Monastery - Restoration of the Abbot’s Residence

The project includes:

  • Building renovation of interiors and exteriors of the Abbot’s Residence.
  • Revitalisation of the Abbot’s Garden and adjacent areas.
  • Creation of a new tour route in previously inaccessible interiors of the New Prelature first floor, including the installation of historic furniture (this involves renovation of important movable objects such as furniture, paintings, textiles ...).
  • Opening of the Old Abbey and New Prelature cellars to the public.
  • Digitalisation of the Abbot’s Residence, selected movable objects and important archival documents, which will be used to present the historical development and construction of the monastery and also for other research activities.

Project Objectives:

The project builds upon the continual effort to rescue and restore the monastery complex. It aims specifically at building renovation, making the Abbot’s Residence open to the public and more attractive, including its garden and adjacent areas. The restoration of the Old Abbey and the New Prelature will allow establishment of new tour routes in previously inaccessible areas. The newly-created tour on the first floor of the New Prelature will introduce the work of the Metternich family in Plasy. In the Old Abbey, it will be possible to present significant Gothic constructions and to point out the building development of the monastery in this area of the site.

Basic project parameters: