The Water System

This special tour is focused on the operation of the water, ventilation and heating systems of the convent building. The foundations of the building built on water are explained here. You will see two water mirrors, air corridors and monastery separation rooms. The tour is only in czech language.

Tours must be booked in advance. Tours are for groups of a minimum of 10 people (maximum 15). Visitors must be older than 10 and should not suffer from claustrophobia. No heels.                     

The convent building was constructed in the years 1711-1738 according to plans by the architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel. In line with the Cistercian tradition, it was built in Plasy in a river floodplain valley with very unstable marshy subsoil. Therefore, the building was built upon 5,100 oak piles to which were surrounded with water to preserve this wood in its foundations. The system of water canals under the convent building is not the only special technical design in this building. The convent also has an air system which helps to reduce humidity and heat the building. As this is a special selective tour, no discounts are offered.

This tour gives you access to areas where an ordinary tour wouldn’t take you. For example, we will visit the monastery prison and pass through some of the underground air corridors where you have to be equipped with a flashlight and a helmet. You will be astonished at the sophistication of Baroque engineering and the technical design of the foundations of the building, which is related to the water and air system of the convent. We'll also introduce you to the latest findings and developments linked to the restoration and maintenance of these systems.

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Other tours

The main sightseeing tour takes visitors to the Church High Baroque Convent, a former residential building for Plasy’s monks. A presentation of the monastery’s historical development is accompanied by information on the special design of the building’s foundations and the water and air systems.

this tour is available today 10.00 – 16.00

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